Lantern Making Kit – 3 Pack


Lantern Making Kit – 3 Pack


Make your own lanterns with our easy to use DIY kits. Just add your own fabric or wallpaper and follow the instructions in the box, it’s that easy.

Where can I use them 
Use these kits to make beautiful, professionally finished lanterns in your choice of fabric that can be used all around the home or for any event. They can be fashioned to anything you please they will deliver unique mood lighting for Romantic Evenings, Dinner Parties, Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas or Halloween.

Craft Activity
Brilliant craft activity for everyone especially the children who can design their own night lights.

Great Gifts
Great presents for anyone who likes trying out new crafts and making beautiful things for their home.

How do they work?
The lanterns use battery powered flameless candles, they will give your fabrics delightful decorative effects when lit.

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